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Progressive Glasses

Progressive Glasses are also called No-Line Bifocal or Varifocal. These glasses combine distance glasses and reading glasses in one lens.

There are two aspects to consider when you choose a progressive lens, lens thickness, and lens technology

Progressive Lens thickness

Lens thickness is decided by its index, the higher the index, the thinner the lens. Thus, 1.74 index lens is normally 50% thinner than a 1.50 lens.

We carry: 1.56 index from $27.95, 1.61 index from $79.95, 1.67 index from $99.95

Progressive Lens Technology

There are 2 types of progressive technology on the market. Traditional Progressive and "Wide View" Free Form Progressive.Traditional progressive's view is limited to a channel in the middle of the lens, called the field of view. If you look outside the field of view such as the edge of the lens, you might see distortion. While "Wide View" progressive has a twice as big field of view than traditional progressive, therefore you rarely have any distortion in your viewing area, which makes it more comfortable to wear and easier to adjust to.

"Wide View" Free Form Progressive starts from $89.95. You will be given choices of all lens during the order process. To order, just select frame you like, then follow easy to understand, step by step process to complete the order.